Henrietta Bud sculpture, wood and stone carving and painting

I have been making sculpture from my studio in Oxfordshire for the past fifteen years. Before this I worked as a doctor, writer, editor and broadcaster. All these experiences feed into my work. I have a degree in the History of Art from Cambridge University and studied fine Arts in London (at the Sir John Cass school of Art, Middlesex University and Morley College) and in Brussels. I exhibit internationally, with work in private and public collections across Europe and the UK, and welcome commissions.

I make sculpture in a variety of materials, including stone, wood, ceramic, steel and mixed media. I greatly enjoy being able to use such differing materials, both for the pleasure of using them and for the diverse ways that each material exerts itself in the form. The variety, importantly, allows me an expanded range of artistic freedom. My work is often figurative. This probably reflects my medical background. It is also because I find the human form so expressive, not only of emotion but also of narrative. Sculpture, for me, is a way to communicate these things and, I hope, of giving people pleasure and a feeling of connection.